Here you will find the materials useful for participating in the race, but also the necessary recommendations.



Here we wrote our recommendations, of the organizers. The way we will organize ourselves as best we can.

We will go into detail about everything we suspect and think we would need during this adventure, so these recommendations are just that, not a written law. Please treat them as such.

The recommendation is to have technical clothes, as good as possible and what is important is that they can be washed easily and easily by hand.

Materials as thin as possible and as easy to dry.

We propose two rows of clothes for the cold of 3 starts at the top and two layers at the bottom.

Example top:
  • Sheet – minimum 20,000 BTU.
  • Long-sleeved technical body blouse.
  • Technical T-shirt
Example bottom:
  • Shorts with leggings or tights with overpants.
  • Two pairs to make sure the next day you have dry shoes on departure.
  • The recommendation is to use thinner studs so that they do not overload with mud.
  • We tested Altra Olympus 4 in testing the route and we recommend it with everything we are.
  • We mention that we have a lot of mud on the route.
  • For the sun and beautiful weather, we recommend the classic two layers plus the rain sheet to be present.
  • We also recommend materials that are as thin as possible, light and easy to dry.
  • Also two changes for good weather clothes.
Preparing clothes for the next day:
  • What we did was wash our clothes in a bath or the classic hand soap.
  • As we arrived at the accommodation, as soon as I was getting ready for the shower, I put the clothes in water and rubbed them a little with soap, then rinsed them and put them to dry.
  • Most of the clothes were dry from evening to morning, except for the shoes, which I put in the support machine in their bag, and dried until the next day.
  • I only wiped the shoes with mud, I didn’t wash them literally and I made sure that no water got into my shoes to make sure they would dry until the next day.
  • So much about clothes, so let’s move on.

Breakfast will be on the run, meaning we will eat standing up and make a sandwich or whatever we catch from the prepared table.

We had bars on the route and we only ate about two because at each point we made sure we ate well, which we will do during the competition.

We will make sure that every point will be well stocked and that we will not miss anything at all.

Then dinner is provided by us and we have taken into account those who do not eat meat, so we will have a choice.

Plus we can change at that location what we eat if we ask for something else, only to be preferred for the time allotted to dinner, to be what our hosts offer us.

We recommend that you have money with you because we will have where to buy one or the other, only money, we do not recommend taking food with you.

If you want something specific, please tell us the organizers, we will take care just so that those who run focus only on running.

We recommend as few backpacks as possible, I would even say a maximum of two, but roomy.

We made in the following way, a backpack with clothes and one with hygiene items, devices, bars, front and other necessary things.

The clothes backpack was a regular backpack, and the clothes were limited.

More exactly:
  • 1 change of spare clothes – cold weather.
  • 2 changes of clothes good weather.
  • 1 change of sleeping clothes.
  • 1 change of warm casual clothes, the ones I used to go out to for dinner.
  • 2 blouses
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • 1 bag with socks and personal hygiene
  • 1 down jacket for the cold.
  • Face towel, body towel.
  • Personal hygiene products
  • All this came in a normal backpack, ie with a volume / capacity of 30 liters.

I admit that I kept the down jacket and a blouse in the other backpack, but I was amazed at how simple it was.

Here we need some simple things, but necessary for the contest.

First of all, the phone is necessary and in addition to the phone, we will also need a spare battery because we are not allowed to run out of battery.

The phone will provide us with the tracking part where we will always know where we are, on top of that we will also do the timing part through the phone, so we will not allow ourselves to run out of battery on the phone.

Precisely due to timing and tracking, we need our phone and backup battery.

Above you have the applications you need to have on your phone, Via Transilvanica for the route and Race Day for tracking.

Sleeping in a tent is a blessing I would say, although before you notice it, you need to get into the tent once, then you will enjoy the tent experience.

We made sure that if the weather was going to be cold, we could take rooms and stay warm, but we did not guarantee that we would all be able to, so we would have to adapt at that time.

In the middle of the stage, more precisely at Câmpul Cetății, we will stay at a very nice hotel both nights and the place is only good for us to relax and enjoy ourselves. Recharge.

  • Towel x 2 as I said above.
  • Clothes detergent if you want something special.
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Container water and other drinks – in points we will not have glasses.

Someone can accompany you if you want. If not, we the organizers do this, we are your support team and we will help you with everything we can.

We are not a family yet, but we will be in a short time and that is a promise.

If someone accompanies you, we have a list of the exact feeding points and all you have to do is ask for our list and we will give it to you so that the support team knows exactly where you will stop and can team up with volunteers and organizers.

Of people:
  • The moment we finish the section and decide that we don’t want to run any further and we are halfway there, we will take you to the base, only that this will happen to a car that is only responsible for such situations or the first car. going to the base.
  • The base being the point where we will spend the night.
  • According to the regulations, no matter where you are, we the organizers make sure that you will be transported to the base.
  • Provided that the point where you stop is at one of the three power points on the route.
  • Also, if you left the point, do not go back, but you will have to continue to the next point because there is a possibility that you will not find anyone in the point because as soon as the last person went through the point, volunteers and organizers they will leave there.
Of things:
  • There will be a large dropbag in which we will put the tent, sleeping bag, clothes and other personal items.
  • Please make sure that all this will fit in a big bag, in a generous bag.
  • It is preferable for each to have only one such bag.
  • This big dropbag will move from base to base.
  • We will install the tent and in this way we ask you to have a simple and intuitive tent to install.
  • If you have wet clothes that should be dried in the tent, draw a line with the marker on the bag, so that we know in which bag to walk and stretch the clothes.
  • The small dropbag, the competition one, you can have with you and you will always find it halfway.
  • These dropbags will be handed out to the organizers in the morning, before leaving about 20 minutes.
  • Of course, social distancing is mandatory.
  • Mask also in the Start – Arrival area and in points.
  • We recommend that you have two masks with you, one in reserve and one with you at all times.
  • Be light, in a single layer and at the same time protect you.
  • The running pictures do not require a mask, but the pictures on the podium will require the respective mask when the festivity will take place inside or it is not the case when it will be outside.
  • There is the possibility to intersect with localities where we will have yellow or even red code.
  • We will avoid those with red code altogether.
  • Those with yellow code, we will respect the schedule and the applied law.
  • This means that the initial route may change and we assume this aspect.