Robert Hajnal – First ultramaratonist the project Transylvania joins Legends

In love with running and adventure, the mountain runner Robert Hajnal, voted the best Romanian ultramarathoner *, is one of those special people who dedicate himself entirely to the mission he chose in 2012, the year he started running .

“I am a mountain man and I have a clear vision of what I want to do in my life: I imagine a world in which every person practice sports and puts his health first.”

It is a vision that he is constantly working on and which he has also given shape to: “TrailRunning Academy”. A project started in 2016 that offers runners the opportunity to be trained and directed as he would have liked to be mentored since he took part in the first running competition.


He is a fair and honest man with himself, a wise self-taught man, who realized that without a well-developed plan, without discipline and especially without a clear goal, success and performance cannot be achieved.

Holds the records of the most important ultramarathons in Romania:

Transylvania – 100km (6650 m difference): 15h 19min – 1st place, race record

UltraBug – 101km (3875 m difference): 9h 04min – 1st place, race record

Marathon 7500 – 94km (7350 m difference): 16h 05min – 1st place, race record

CiucașX3 – 105km (4950 m difference): 11h29min – 1st place, race record

Via Maria Theresia – 82km (4250 m difference): 9h 17min – 1st place, race record.

As for competitions in other countries, Robert has managed to achieve incredible results.

In 2017, he ranked 5th at the well-known Lavaredo Ultra Trail and also ranked 5th at the Ultra-Trail Cape Town in the well-known Ultra Trail World-Tour circuit.

He continued to run competitions in the Ultra Trail World-Tour series and so the best possible ranking appeared in 2018 at the most famous mountain ultramarathon in the world. 2nd place at UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, an incredible performance at the time.

In 2019, he ranked 4th in one of the most special ultramarathons in the world – MIUT – Madeira Island Ultra Trail 115 km (POR), and last year, he won the Olympus Mythical Trail in Greece.

An adventure similar to “Transylvania Legends” was to cross the Southerners and the Orientals in running, in two different years with two friends.

In the Orientals he ran more than half of the distance with Adelin Udeanu and in the South with Andrei Preda. The two adventures totaled more than 800 kilometers and over 50,000 m positive level difference. And the story doesn’t end here. In the following years he set out to make all the Carpathians. How long will it take them to cover the distance of about 1000 kilometers?

This year he joins the adventure – Transylvania Legends.

The most spectacular, unique and challenging competition in Romania in 2021.

Transylvania Legends: What made you participate in this crazy competition?

Robert Hajnal: The Transylvania Legends competition and I share a few things we believe in: adventure, discovering new locations, quality time spent with me while running, and quality time spent with other people who have the same passion: running.

TL: Did you make a plan? How many stages will you run?

Robert: I am extremely eager to get started in at least 3 stages. It is one of the situations in which you want the plan at home not to match the one in the fair and I think I will abandon my plan made “on paper” and I will run several stages. Even for me, 600 kilometers of running is an overcoming of the comfort zone and I will line up at the humble start in front of this distance.

TL: Who would you like to recommend Transylvania Legends to?

Robert: I remember Rob Siltanen’s quote:

“The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently ”. To those with an adventurous spirit, to whom a perfect day means uninterrupted hours spent in nature, on an unknown path. And the end of the day brings you to the light of a fire surrounded by people who share your passion.

TL: Thank you Robert for joining the project.

Robert: See you at the start!

Come with Robert Hajnal and many other passionate runners in a story ultramarathon on Via Transilvanica!

Robert Hajnal, the first ultramarathoner to join the Transylvania Legends project.

A man with a love of life, passionate about running and adventure, a performance ultramarathoner who gathers competition after competition, unforgettable experiences, medals, titles and international recognition, continues in 2021 to challenge and surpass himself.

On April 22, Robert joins the starting line with many other passionate runners, in the most challenging and unique competition of 2021 in Romania – Transylvania Legends.

Discover the man and ultramarathoner Robert in the article below. An article in which you will find out his journey in this wonderful sport started in 2012, as well as, why he said YES to the competition – Transylvania Legends:

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Transylvania Legends – Live the adventure!

* by the publication 4RUN.RO in 2017 and 2018

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