Useful materials

Here you can download in PDF format the materials needed to participate in the race:


The competition is organized by Împlinire SRL, in partnership with Tikaboo Romania, Florin Alexandru, Profa de mate, and aims to promote outdoor running and raise funds for the Children’s Settlement “St. Hierarch Leontie ”

By participating in this competition, participants agree to comply with and comply with all the provisions, terms and conditions of this regulation by signing the declaration on their own responsibility.

The competition will take place between April 22-30, 2021 on the Via Transilvanica route, starting at Putna Monastery and arriving in Mediaș.

Conducting the competition

This competition is addressed to amateur and professional athletes who have reached the age of 18 by the date of the competition and have registered within the maximum number of seats available.

The competition includes 8 stages according to the Route route from the main menu, with a day off after the fourth stage.

Each stage comprises 4 sections, minus the last stage with only 3 such sections.

Individual: participants, by registering for this competition, have the option to choose to participate in one or more consecutive stages or stages of their choice, provided that each stage has a single start detailed below.

Each section run is considered final once the hydration and feeding point has been passed.

Any completed section will be quantified in the open ranking even if in the case of a stage, the person runs one section, two sections, three sections or in full.

Teams: Teams may consist of 2 or 4 runners running individually, provided that they run a minimum of 2 different stages for teams of 2 and a minimum of 4 stages for teams of 4. Teams can be male, female or mixed.

Competition route, supply points

The route will cross Via Transilvanica, the legendary “tourist highway” made with the soul of Tibi Ușeriu and Alin Ușeriu from the Tăsuleasa Social team, which through this great project united the north with the south, or in other words, united the 3 smaller Romanians: Moldova, Transylvania and Wallachia. The route goes through national roads, forest roads, mountain paths, crosses cities, villages, mountains, hills.

During the race, the participants cannot leave the running route nor can they change it, by shortening or choosing alternative routes. Leaving the established running track can disqualify the competitor.

The supply points for each stage can be found in the Route section.

Also, each competitor has a drop bag that will reach the second point of each stage.

List of available drinks and food

Drinks: Water, Cola,

Food: Snacks, Fruits, Candied Fruits.

Registration fee

Participants can register by filling in the online registration form.

By filling in the registration form, participants have the option to choose one or more stages to run, provided they pay the full amount of the selected stages.

Participation fee:
  • 1 stage – 120 lei
  • 4 stages – 400 lei
  • 8 stages – 750 lei

Team members pay only the fees on the stages selected at registration.

For logistical reasons and for the safe conduct of the competition, the number of participants is limited to 60 people.

The organizer reserves the right to change the place limit for each of the events.

The participation of a minor will be conditioned by the presentation of a medical certificate attesting that the minor participant is fit for long-term effort and his / her accompaniment, during the event, by a parent / legal guardian as well as a declaration on his / her own responsibility. , signed by the companion before the start of the competition.

Equipment and competition conditions

Competitors will participate in the competition with their own equipment. Competitors are recommended to wear running equipment appropriate to the weather conditions in the area and depending on the date of the competition, as well as taking into account the difference in altitude. It is recommended that each participant bring change of clothes, which can be transported from the starting area to the camping areas and the arrival area, either by their own companions or by the care of the organizers.

The numbers and the participation kit will be made available by the organizers and will be handed to the competitors after the confirmation of the payment and the submission of the declaration on their own responsibility, on April 21, 2021, between 15: 00-20: 00 inside the Establishment. of children St. Leontie from Rădăuți.

Address: Calea Bucovinei, no. 201, Loc. Rădăuți, Jud. Suceava

Or the next morning from km 0 – Putna, the starting place of the competition.

The contest numbers will be attached to the display

Mandatory equipment:
  • • mountain sports shoes
  • • number (given by the organizer)
  • • rain / wind coat
  • • water 1 liter
  • • mobile phone (participants are asked to save the organizers’ numbers, deactivate the private number option and make sure, before the start, that it is fully charged)
  • • external battery charged at start
  • • light source – flashlight, front that will be mandatory at night
  • • gloves
  • • hat / buff
  • • third layer of clothes: overpants + long sleeve blouse
  • • feeding bars
  • • running backpack
  • • sleeping bag (dropbag mode)
  • • tent (in dropbag mode)
Optional equipment:
  • • trekking poles
  • • reflective vest and / or other reflective signs / visible colors to be visible on the road
Extra – required:
  • • Via Transilvanica application downloaded to your mobile phone and ready for use.
  • • Running Guru application downloaded to your mobile phone and ready for use.

Find the two applications in the Support area of this website.

The organizer reserves the right to prohibit the participation of athletes who do not meet the equipment conditions.


On April 22, 2021, at 7:00, the children’s race will take place (2 km) from the St. Leontie Children’s Settlement in Rădăuți, where you are all invited to run with them or to support them with your encouragement.

  • The official start, stage I, will be at Putna Monastery at 9:00 in the morning. The trip on the route Rădăuți – Putna Monastery will be made by bus provided by the organizers.
  • Stage II: April 23 at 09:00
  • Stage III: April 24 at 09:00
  • Stage IV: April 25 at 09:00
  • April 5, 26, will be a day of relaxation in Câmpul Cetății.
  • Stage V: April 27 at 09:00
  • Stage VI: April 28 at 09:00
  • Stage VII: April 29 at 09:00
  • Stage VIII: April 30 at 09:00
  • Premiere ceremony: April 30, 7:30 p.m. Mediaș, Castle Square No. 1 – Saxon Tower.

The organizers reserve the right to change the start times and deadlines. Any changes in this regard will be communicated to the participants in due time.

Establishing results

Open ranking

  • The competitors are drawn according to the number of kilometers run at the end of the eight stages.
  • Each stage can be run in full or in part.
  • Partial running involves the completion of at least one stage section.
  • Once it starts from the supply point, the competitor can only stop at the next supply and hydration point, which corresponds to the completion of another section.
  • Only sections completed at one of the three supply points or at completion will be considered.
  • If it happens that two competitors run the same number of kilometers, the tie will be made according to the time in which the number of kilometers is covered.
  • The first 5 female and male places will be awarded.
Stage Ranking
  • The competitors are drawn according to the time in which the stage is fully run.
  • The first 3 female and male places will be awarded.
Open Team Ranking

The teams are divided in the same way presented above, in the Open Ranking section, with the mention that each competitor must run a minimum of two stages regardless of their order.

The first 3 female and male places will be awarded.

Route referees

At different points of the running route will be located the route referees who will supervise the development of the race.

If a race commissioner notices an attempt to cheat (shortening the route, using a means of transport, etc.), the competitor will be disqualified. The same sanction will be applied to runners who do not comply with the provisions of this regulation.

  • Individual open premiere – first 5 places male and female.
  • Open teams premiere – the first 3 teams
  • Premiere stage – first 3 places male and female.
  • Diplomas and medals.
  • Special prizes

All participants who complete the full race or the stages selected by registration will receive a finisher’s medal and a diploma of participation. The participation diplomas will be in electronic format and can be downloaded from the site, after the results are displayed.

Golden Rule:

Participants who give up the race during the run are required to report to the nearest organizers’ point either in the start area or at a refueling point, or they may contact a referee / route attendant to notify the organizers of this abandonment. .

Before the race or at the latest in the morning of the event until 08:30, the competitor will put his personal belongings that he wants to be transported by the organizers to the finish area in a bag provided by the organizers or in other personal luggage, labeled with his competition number. The participant will deposit it in the special place indicated by the representatives of the organizers, in order to transport it to the arrival area.

At the end of the race, the competitor will be able to pick up his personal belongings from the organizers based on the competition number. The storage place will be permanently monitored.

Competitors are obliged throughout the race to protect the environment, being prohibited the dumping of waste (packaging, liquids, etc.) in other places than those specially arranged, under the sanction of disqualification of that person.

The organizers also undertake to comply with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of personal data. As such, the Organizers undertake to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data of the participants / winners of this competition and to use them in accordance with these regulations, the declaration of the participants on their own responsibility and the legislation in force.

The organizers reserve the right to amend these regulations until the start of the competition with the obligation to announce changes on the site and at the venue of the competition.

The accommodation of the participants will be in campsites arranged by us, the organizers, you just have to bring a tent, a sleeping bag and everything you need for a restful sleep to continue your adventure.

Their transport to the next point will be provided by us, the organizers.

We offer you campfire with guitar song, fairytale landscapes, new friends, cauldron with traditional dishes specific to the area, warm showers and other pleasant surprises.

If a runner wants accommodation at a pension or hotel, please let us know for any recommendations, with the mention that we will not personally deal with this issue.

As a result of Order no. 667 / 1.236 / 2020 on the conditions necessary to be observed in order to practice individual outdoor sports, all participants (organizers, volunteers, runners, attendants, etc.) will comply with the following measures:

  1. The movement to and from the place of the event will be made respecting all the protection measures ordered by the authorities.
  2. The distribution of the participation kits will be done at the event place, outdoors, keeping the social distance.
  3. The members of the event organizing team wear protective masks. It is also necessary and mandatory for participants to wear protective masks when lifting kits and all the time spent in the start / finish area. In case of consuming food / drinks, the participant is at least 2 meters away from the other participants.
  4. The technical meeting, with the presentation of the routes, the competition rules and the special protection measures, will be organized in the open air.
  5. Each participant shall keep a distance of 2 meters during the technical meeting, camping areas, awarding or any other activity in the start / finish area, until the start of the race and immediately after arrival.
  6. Throughout the warm-up, the participants in the sports activity shall ensure that they respect the safety distance of at least 2 meters from the other persons.
  7. Only persons whose presence is necessary shall take part in the organization and conduct of competitions, in order to limit as far as possible the number of those who are exposed to a potential risk of infection. In this regard, we ask participants not to bring supporters to the venue.
  8. Before participating in the races, the athletes go through the epidemiological triage in 2 stages: they present or sign the declaration on their own responsibility regarding the recent medical history, and their temperature will be measured on the spot by thermal scanning. The legal provisions in force on this date prohibit the access and participation in activities of persons whose temperature exceeds 37.3 ° C. If a temperature above 37,3 ° C is recorded, it shall be reported to the Public Health Directorate and the other competent authorities.
  9. All those present – competitors, coaches, organizers (team members, volunteers), support staff, media representatives, etc. – go through the two phases of the epidemiological triage and are noted in a nominal list, in order to facilitate a possible epidemiological investigation.
  10. All personnel involved in the organization of the event wear protective masks during the exercise of their designated duties.
  11. We provide for all participants hand sanitizer dispensers with approved / authorized biocidal products at the entrance to the event space, in the supply / hydration points, in the start / finish area, in the kit lifting area, the camping areas.cAt the start, participants will keep a physical distance of at least 2 meters.
  12. The medal finishers will be picked up personally by each runner who will cross the finish line from a stand specially set up for this purpose.
  13. The award ceremony takes place in compliance with the recommended distance between all those present and we arrange the podium so that the physical distance is respected and between its occupants.
  14. If the situation requires it, for the efficiency of the physical distance measures, the presentation of the winners and the congratulations take place online, shortly after the competition.
  15. At the supply / hydration points on the route and on arrival, volunteers wear protective masks.
  16. Throughout the event, each participant wears a mask and keeps a physical distance from the other participants, from volunteers and organizers.
  17. Water from the hydration points is provided in sealed pots, one for each participant. The food we offer at the points along the route is packaged and offered individually.
  18. At all supply / hydration points along the route, as well as at the competition center, we provide disinfectants and containers for waste (used masks and gloves, etc.) to participants and members of the organizing team.
  19. According to the laws in force at the time of writing this set of measures, the presence of spectators in the competition area is not allowed.
  20. We display in a visible place, in all the spaces used by the participants, informative posters regarding the rules of hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, the practice of social responsibility through physical distance and the monitoring of one’s own health.
  21. We provide soap dispensers, disinfectant dispensers and disposable sanitary towels (paper) in the bathroom, as well as the periodic disinfection of bathrooms with approved / authorized biocidal products.
  22. Procedures in the event of an outbreak of infection during the competition
  23. The organizers of the competition interrupt the competition if they discover at least one case of infection, until the completion of the epidemiological investigation.
  24. Participants who do not comply with the measures presented above and / or use inappropriate, ironic language, etc. to other participants in the event will be disqualified